Hobby Polytunnels

Polytunnels have a key role to play in the "Grow Your Own" revolution.
Our single span solar hobby tunnels are fantastic value for money and offer the following features:-

  • Polytunnels Hobby
  • KIT FORM - Come in easy DIY kit form, which are easy to construct. Assembly instructions come with the kit for self building or you can contact our sales office for construction team information. Our kits include all steel parts, gable end pressure treated timbers, polythene, and Anti Hot Spot Tape.
  • STRAIGHT SIDED - Our tunnels are straight-sided which give you significantly more headroom and side clearance.
  • STEEL TUBING - Our tunnels are erected with 8ft hoop spacing. All tubular steel used is z35 High Grade Structural Steel (55,000 psi Yield, 60,000 psi Tensile) and is galvanised inside and outside to BS2989 for maximum corrosion resistance. Purpose designed electroplated brackets. Hoop to ground tube locking and tensioning system which provides full cover tensioning facility whilst locking hoop to ground tube. Braces are flattened and punched with spooned and trimmed ends for extra strength.
  • Polytunnels Hobby
  • TIMBER END FRAMES - All timbers have been pressure treated to withstand the elements.
  • POLYTHENE - High grade 720 guage (180 microns) Clear UVI 5-season polythene. It uses the latest generation of UV stabilisers for optimum light transmission levels and diffusion qualities.
  • ANTI HOT SPOT TAPE - This is designed to separate the polythene from the abrasion of the steep hoops and the excessive heat that builds up on the steel work. It helps to extend the life of your polytunnel cover.

Trench vs. Base Rail:

The Trench Vs. Base Rail is one that we wish our customers to consider more carefully before ordering. Many customers order a trenched kit, but end up placing a second order for a base rail when they realise how much work digging the trench is going to be.

  • Trenched Kit i.e. Burying the polythene along a trench which has to be dug along the full length of the tunnel on both sides.
  • Base Rail Kit i.e. Attaching the polythene to a base rail that is fixed to the bottom of the hoops on both sides and runs along the length of the tunnel.


Polytunnels Hobby

10ft X 16ft Tunnel
Width: 10ft (3.048m) Length: 16ft (4.877m) Height: 8ft (2.43m)

10ft X 24ft Tunnel
Width: 10ft (3.048m) Length: 24ft (7.315m) Height: 8ft (2.43m)

Other Sizes
If you require a different size tunnel than is mentioned above, or if you have special requirements or features for your tunnel, please contact our Sales Office with details and we will gladly prepare a quotation for you.

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