Polytunnel Accessories

Polytunnels Accessories

POLYTHENE REPAIR TAPE - This tape will enable you to effectively repair any split or tear in your polythene cover and is inconspicuous when applied. Available in three sizes:

Width 50mm x Length 25M
Width 75mm x Length 25M
Width 100mm x Length 25M

Polytunnels Accessories

ANTI HOT SPOT TAPE - Designed to separate the polythene from the abrasion of the steel hoops and the excessive heat that builds up on the steel work. It helps to extend the life of your polytunnel cover. Available in two sizes:

Width 30mm x Length 9M x Thickness 3mm
Width 50mm x Length 9M x Thickness 3mm

Polytunnels Accessories

ANTI HOT SPOT REPAIR TAPE - Puts a new isolation barrier between the old foam tape and your new polythene sheet. Available in one size:

Width 50mm x Length 50M

Polytunnels Accessories

POLYTHENE - If you wish to re-clad your polytunnel, we have a range of high performance films available.

All have a five year guarantee against defects in the film. Click here for more information.


Polytunnels Hobby

IRRIGATION SYSTEMS - We offer a comprehensive range of irrigation systems and parts - overhead systems, drip irrigation, sprinklers, porous pipe, etc.

Click here for more information or contact our sales office on +353 (0)46 9431422.


Polytunnels Hobby

SHADE / WINDBREAK NETTING - Windbreak nettings are knitted from tough monofilament thread. They are designed to maximize crop and plant protection against wind damage by creating a less turbulent environment. The plants grow stronger, thanks to reduced physical damage and root rocking. They also reduce transpiration. Available in four sizes:

Width 1M x Length 50M
Width 1.5M x Length 50M
Width 2M x Length 50M
Width 3M x Length 50M

Polytunnels Accessories

GROUND COVER WEED CONTROL - Prevents weed growth, allowing soil to breath. It rationalizes water usage - Optimum water permeability. It reduces maintenance costs in polytunnels, gardens or landscape applications. Strong and robust. Coloured marker stripes for accurate pot spacing. Long effective life with Extra UV stabilisers. Uniform capillary action means even irrigation & uniform growth. Provides easy to clean floor lining for glasshouses and tunnels. Reduces winter loss from waterlogged/frozen containers. Click here for more information.


Detergent Sanitiser

DETERGENT SANITISER - General purpose detergent sanitiser, which is specifically formulated to give and effective anti-microbial action. It is ideal for general cleaning, sanitising, odour control, and algae & slime control. It is approved for use in a food processing environment. Available in 5 Litre containers.

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